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Medical Gasses

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BREATHEeasy is our service for immediate availability of medical oxygen. It’s delivered in cylinders for convenience of portability and emergency use within the hospital environment. Our cylinders are tested, clean and meet the standards to Indian Pharmacopoeia. Our service also includes making these cylinders available, managing and maintaining them, and training the end user.

MOXeasy is our service, which enables hospitals and doctors to deliver medical oxygen to the needy seamlessly through a centralized pipeline connected to each and every bed of the hospital. Medical oxygen is delivered through cylinder banks connected to centralized manifold systems, liquid oxygen tanks or onsite generators. The entire system is full proof with alarms, hooters, stand by flow meters, to ensure seamless flow to this essential atmospheric gas into the system. Our work on pipeline engineering and execution is immaculate which comes from our experience over the years.

AIReasy, similar to MOXeasy, is our service for centralized management of compressed AIR. Cylinder banks connected to manifolds or generators feed the pipeline seamlessly with AIR and a full proof system with alarms and hooters ensures smooth consumption.

AIReasy is also available in loose Cylinders for convenience & Small Consumption.

PAINeasy as the name suggests is an analgesic and reduces pain and minor discomfort for patients in need without triggering unconsciousness. It’s a mixture of Oxygen and Nitrous oxide (50:50).

It is used exclusively for short-term procedures inevitably involving pain like Acute trauma, Tooth extraction/Dental procedure, Wound and burn dressing, Fracture and joint manipulation, Labour etc. This mixture is potent with rapid onset and offset, which can lead to savings through reduced treatment time and increased patient turnaround.

VACeasy is an onsite system for suction of secretions with a full proof system. Centralized control ensures smooth functioning while maintaining standards.

SURGeasy basically is nitrous oxide to assist easy and safe surgery. Nitrous oxide meeting the standards of Indian Pharmacopoeia is delivered to hospital which facilitates seamless and safe surgery enabling the Anesthetist to remain peaceful. Nitrous oxide is also used at times as analgesic in dentistry and orthopedics.

Our nitrous oxide is manufactured in stringent conditions to ensure quality and standards.

Moreover all our cylinders are tested and our experienced staff are always eager to train the end user on safe operations.

SCOPeasy is basically medical carbon dioxide to assist minimal invasive surgeries like laparoscopy, endoscopy, and arthroscopy to enlarge and stabilize body cavities to provide better visibility of the surgical area. It is widely used for Cryotherapy, the technique where body cells are destroyed by the process of crystallization. This may include the removal of wart, moles and skin tags. Moreover it can also be used to stimulate the respiratory system during or after giving anesthesia. Needless to say all our cylinders are tested and Medical Carbon Dioxide is manufactured in stringent conditions to ensure quality.

RESPIREeasy is our product made of a medical gas mixture of 79% helium and 21% oxygen. This allows patients in respiratory distress to breathe more easily. This mixture has been widely used by ENT surgeons for preventing/treating conditions of laryngeal stridor or spasm. These days its well accepted to treat asthma and COPD.

The mixture is typically three times less dense than air and this property allows patients with respiratory conditions to breathe more freely reducing their work of breathing and improving their comfort.