• Industrial Oxygen
  • Medical Oxygen
  • Nitrogen Commercial
  • Nitrogen UHP
  • Acetylene
  • Argon Commercial
  • Argon UHP
  • Co2
  • Gas Mixtures
  • Gas Mixtures for
  • Auto Industry
  • Gas Mixtures for
  • Lighting Industries
  • Argon Liquid
  • CO2 Liquid
  • S02
  • Helium Std
  • Helium UHP
  • Hydrogen Std
  • Hydrogen UHP
  • Neon Krypton Xenon Ethylene


On Site Plants
  • Selection of plant size to meet customers' requirement
  • Cost reduction being captive consumption
  • High dependency/self sufficiency
  • Low cost of product
  • Buy back option for surplus product
Manifolded Supply System
  • Designing as per customer's need
  • Automatic/ semi-automatic/ manual change over system
  • Reduced cylinder handling
  • Ensures high reliability


MGPS (Medical Gases Pipeline System)
  • Installation of pipeline in hospitals for supply of gases centrally. Services include Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air at 4 bar, Surgical Air at 7 bar Vacuum.


Fruit Ripening Gas
  • Ethylene is a ripening hormone - a chemical substance produced by fruits with the specific biological action of accelerating the normal process of fruit maturation. Ethylene can promote ripening in tomatoes, bananas, citrus, pineapples, dates, pears, apples, melons, mangoes and papayas.

    Ethylene is recognized as a safe gas. It affects the growth, development, ripening, and senescence (aging) of all plants. It is normally produced in small quantities by most fruits and vegetables. Many fruits produce larger quantities of ethylene and respond with uniform ripening when exposed to an external source of ethylene. Earlier ethylene was used medically as a anesthetic in concentrations significantly greater than that found in a ripening room.