Aims Industries Limited

Aims Industries Ltd. (formerly Aims Oxygen Limited) with registered office in Vadodara was established on 30th November 1961.  

Aims Industries Ltd. has been a leader in manufacturing and supplying of industrial and medical gases for almost half a century in the state of Gujarat. Today Aims Industries Ltd. has 7 plants manufacturing industrial gases wellspread over the Vibrant Gujarat state! Aims Industries Ltd.
at present is the largest gas bottler in the state of Gujarat.

Aims Industries Ltd. cater to a large group of customers ranging from multinational companies
to individual domestic customers. Aims Industries Ltd. has always valued their customers and
has earned rich dividends of their loyalty towards Aims Industries Ltd. Aims Industries Ltd. is proud to have customers who have been associated with them since its inception. This is because Aims Industries Ltd. has always strived to give delight to its customers.

'Aims Industries Ltd. is successfully running a cross country pipeline, first of its kind in the country to ensure its customer gets uninterrupted supply. Aims Industries Ltd. will take this model further for seamless supply through onsite or captive consumption for its customers.

Aims Industries Ltd. is also a fore runner in servicing hospitals and is the largest supplier in the state. Aims Industries Ltd. have capabilities to install hospital systems and pipeline for efficient consumption of medical oxygen. Aims Industries Ltd. is proud of its workmanship in the field and also proud of ensuring to serve the hospital during natural calamities to make sure the critically ill are not suffered.

Growth has always been an integral part of the management philosophy. And with the new generation coming into business, diversification has become an integral part of the growth plans.

Aims Industries Ltd. has recently diversified into electronic manufacturing services. A state of the art factory to assemble PCB will cater to customers who use PCB in their products. Electronics is a growing industry and Aims Industries Ltd. at building a brand in the same.

Aims Industries Ltd. also has started a real estate division where we will be taking projects in commercial and residential sectors.Aims Industries Ltd. is also committed to social obligations and undertakes social welfare through BAPS.


To establish global existence by creating and delivering 21st century value added products and services through consistent innovation and quality control and delight the customers of today and tomorrow.



To ensure maximum satisfaction to customers, associates, and people through integrity, quality products, innovation and social welfare through BAPS.